Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Douglas Academy

On Thursday the 25th of September we had our annual celebration of European Day of Languages at Douglas Academy.  There were various events taking place which allowed us to recognise and celebrate the extensive range and diversity of languages spoken in our school community.  There was a European themed lunch in the canteen which included dishes such as Russian blini, Spanish omelette, poisson-frites and German bratwurst.

There was a treasure hunt for S3 where pupils had to race around the school to find out about teachers (other than modern languages teachers!) who have knowledge of other languages and cultures. Every year group had a special lesson prepared when they came to their modern languages classes; for example a national anthem quiz for S4, a look at idioms in other languages for S5/6, singing ‘Old MacDonald’ in Latin for S2 and reading extracts of Harry Potter in German, Italian, Spanish and French for S3.

For S1 there was a poster competition entitled ‘Why learn a language?’ and for senior pupils there was an essay in the foreign language of the same title.

Well done to all our prize-winners and to everyone who took part.  It was a great day and hopefully in a small way was successful in celebrating and promoting language learning for all and in recognising the cultural diversity which exists both within our school and wider community.

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