Friday, 3 October 2014

Tobermory High School

Tobermory High School began its European Day of Languages celebrations in advance of the day itself. S1 and S2 wrote letters and made bookmarks to send around Europe as part of a postcard exchange and have been delighted to receive postcards in return from Italy to Lithuania and most places in between.  

Classes also began to make bunting - each part of the bunting says "what time is it?" in a language other than English and this was hung around the Town Clock in Tobermory on the 26 September.  

No Tobermory High Language celebration is complete without the traditional language breakfast.  S4 and S5 language students joined with S1 as well as staff to share breakfast and languages. This year S1 were able to practise their French with the seniors as well as their Gaelic with the Fluent Speakers in the class. They also learned some Spanish and Sign Language from S1 pupils who speak these languages and Polish from one of the staff.

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