Wednesday, 1 October 2014

St Margaret's Primary School

St Margaret’s Primary School in Polmont have been making a huge effort to introduce some French to all classes during Term 1 and everyone took part in the European Day of Languages.

Here is some of what was going on in our school:

Nursery – Days of the week in French.

P1 and P2 – French Café, Jack and the Beanstalk in French.

P3 – One class looked at greetings and numbers in Spanish and one looked at the alphabet and numbers in German.

P4 – One class did the Hungry Caterpillar in French and the food he eats and the other class did French songs, colours and days of the week.

P5 – One class did a French café and the other did Arabic phrases.

P6 – Days of the week and months of the year.

P7 – One class did an introduction to Spanish and one class learned about clothing in French.

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